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Equitek Co. is the Authorized International Distributor for King Tester Corp., Manufacturers of the King Portable Brinell Hardness Tester.


King Brinell Portable Tester Accessories Products

King Portable Hardness Testers

The King Portable Testers are accurate, versatile, durable and affordable. They have been considered the standard for portable Brinell testers in the world for over 60 years. They are lightweight, easy to maneuver and require only one operator. It is offered with many different types of frames and accessories to adapt the tester to your testing needs. The King Portable Tester can also be supplied with different test heads to suit your needs. Depending on the test head selected, the loads can range from 250 kgf. up to 3,000 kg. It can be used in virtually any position - right side up - upside down - sideways, which is a very important characteristic when working with Portable Tester. - Available Accessories

King Brinell Portable Tester Accessories Products

KingScan IV - USB - Automatic Brinell Microscope System

The impression resulting from the Brinell test made with King tester must be measured, and for that purpose we offer a traditional Brinell Microscope and we also offer the KingScan IV Automatic Brinell Microscope System. The KingScan IV system consists of a camera, cables and software and verification block. The KingScan IV is designed to connect to any USB2 port; you can use either your desktop or laptop computer. The KingScan IV takes up to 1200 separate measurements of the diameter instantly and the software processes that data to provide the operator with a Brinell hardness number in less than a second.